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Here’s What Happened When Emily DiDonato Tried the Overnight Hair Curler

The SI Swimsuit model tested the latest social media craze.

Emily DiDonato has built a huge following thanks to her regular tutorials covering everything from her skin routine to workouts. So when the SI Swimsuit model recently tried a new hair craze, everyone was bound to see how it went. Which one was it? The Heatless Hair Curling Kit.

Videos of influencers testing out the simple device have blown up on TikTok. Basically, you wrap your hair around what looks like a stuffed silk headband, secure it using clips and scrunchies, leave it in for a few hours (even overnight), and then remove it. The result is supposed to be those effortless beachy waves.

Well, DiDonato decided to give it a shot right before a work meeting.

“It’s my first time using one of these things,” she said in a TikTok video. “I slept in it all night long and have a meeting in like two seconds. So, this better look good.”

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The model worked out just before taking out the kit—which retails for $42—and took a quick shower. She then untied the bottoms and pulled out the silk ribbon revealing less-than-desirable-looking curls. “Oh my goodness,” she exclaimed.

But then the new mom captioned the video with a “Wait For It” tag as she started to loosen the waves using her fingers. “I actually really like it,” she said. “And no heat. Oh my lord!”

She continued pulling out the curls saying, “That’s some curly hair!” Then she revealed she would step away for a second to make some adjustments. When she returned, the model showed a much softer look saying that she used a flat iron to straighten the ends and to also straighten a bit towards the top of her head because it was “so big and so full.”

Ultimately, the Covey founder really liked the waves because she could feel her “real texture coming through.” Plus, it was a mix of defined waves and messy ones, creating that effortless style. “It feels more undone than a blowout,” she said. “But not undone like my natural texture. I’m very into it.”

DiDonato’s final verdict: It’s worth a try!

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