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Georgina Burke Reveals the Boss Move She Pulls to Deal with Online Haters

The SI Swimsuit rookie was inspired by fellow model Hunter McGrady.

Georgina Burke has a clever way of dealing with any online heat or hate that comes her way. In her approach, the swimwear designer and 2022 SI Swimsuit rookie has taken a page straight from body-positivity icon Hunter McGrady’s playbook.

Georgina Burke backstage at Miami Swim Week 2022.

Georgina Burke backstage at Miami Swim Week 2022.

Last month in Miami, Burke and Olivia Ponton were paired against one another in a game of water pong. Everytime someone sank a shot with a Ping-Pong ball in the opposing player’s cup of water, the losing player pulled a question to answer. At one point, it was Burke’s turn to answer. The question posed was “how do you tackle internet trolls and online haters?”

Watch the interview:

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“I recently started doing what Hunter McGrady does,” explained Burke. “If somebody writes disgusting comments on my Instagram, I go in and find their LinkedIn profile and call their boss or email them personally and alert them that I am gonna be telling their boss.”

On the other side of the table, Ponton’s mouth gaped in awe. “I have never heard of that and that is such a boss move,” she said stunned. “I’ve been going through a lot of internet trolling and I don’t know how to deal with it. Well, I kind of do, but that is a very iconic thing.” Ponton has opened up to SI Swimsuit in the past about some of the struggles with social media that have been present in her life.

Burke explained her reasoning for the bold response, saying, “If their boss knew they were commenting on my size, my shape, my whatever, like…it’s inappropriate, especially if it’s a father with girls and kids…you’re going to raise devils.”

Georgina Burke and Marquita Pring at SI Swimsuit 2022 launch in NYC. 

Georgina Burke and Marquita Pring at SI Swimsuit 2022 launch in NYC. 

Burke is putting an end to any trolling or negativity online and we’re all for it. Consider this fair warning to anyone who writes something nasty to Burke, Ponton, McGrady or any SI Swimsuit model: This could happen to you.