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Katie Austin’s Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

The fitness influencer says building a community is key.

Katie Austin has taken the fitness world by storm. She's built a social media following of 1.5 million fans who tune into her regular recipe, workout and lifestyle tips. The 28-year-old evolved that content (which she started creating in college) and turned it into a top-rated app—Get Fit With Katie—that provides users with a detailed training program. And the 2022 SI Swimsuit rookie keeps finding ways to diversify her business, having launched the podcast “Austin AF.” So what's the secret to her success? Here Austin explains the secrets she's learned about being a successful female entrepreneur and the best advice she got from her fitness-empire mom Denise Austin.

When did you create your first fitness video?

“Technically, my first fitness video was when I was 7 years old, starring in one of my mom's DVDs, “Fit Kids.” Since I was born, I've truly been in the fitness industry. But I started doing training videos for my community my senior year in college.”

Has your goal changed since you first began?

“My goal has always been to help other girls from the very beginning. Earlier on in my career, I was hyper-focused, with the goal of helping athletes who had quit their sports and felt lost and didn't know what to do without a coach. Now I’ve transitioned to creating and sharing content accessible and approachable for everyone.”

What about the motivation for “Austin AF”?

“It has been a dream of mine since I was 12 years old to have my own talk show, and that dream finally came true just last year! From being a USC TV host to hosting a show on Fox Sports West to NBA awards, I really missed my hosting days. But I am so happy to be back doing what I love, connecting with people and sharing their stories with the world. We just hit 50 episodes, which is just insane to think about, and we are launching Season 2 soon.”

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What do you consider your greatest success?

“Building a career around helping others feel like their best selves all while staying true to myself, and showing up every day for my community as my authentic self.”

Why is community so important to you?

“Connecting with other girls is the best way to make you not feel so alone no matter what journey you are on. A support system can help you feel more confident and can help keep you accountable, motivated and inspired. It’s a safe space that allows girls to feel comfortable.”

How does being in SI Swimsuit help your goals of connecting and inspiring women?

“Being part of the SI Swimsuit family allows me to reach a larger audience, share my message on a new platform, connect with other like-minded girls who also have a dream of being associated with all of the incredible things that SI Swimsuit stands for.”

What advice did your mom—another female entrepreneur—give you when starting?

“My mom has so much great advice it’s hard to pick the best, but I’ll share a few of my favorites. First, don’t take no for an answer! If your dreams scare you and other people think you’re crazy, you’re on the right path. My mom is a walking inspiration of that as she created a career and a pathway that literally did not exist in the 80s.”

What advice would you give to other women entrepreneurs?

“So many things. But just a few really important ones that I feel like everyone needs to hear: Nobody will believe in you more than you do. Don’'t be afraid to ask for help. It is O.K. to fail. Be patient. Success isn’t going to happen overnight. Stay positive. Be persistent.”

Lastly, what’s next?

“I’m really looking forward to Season 2 of my talk show/podcast that’s coming out in April. Also, my Snapchat show, “Healthy Hacks,” is growing fast. I’m always adding new workouts to my app (Katie Austin App), continuing to expand and grow my workout brand worldwide. And I’m so excited to be a rookie in SI Swim 2022!"