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Katrina Scott Lists Her Favorite Maternity Clothing

The Tone It Up co-founder’s go-to-look during her second pregnancy may surprise you.
SI Swimsuit model Katrina Scott Maternity Fashion

Katrina Scott shows off maternity outfits.

Katrina Scott has always had a great fashion sense, and that’s more than carried over with her maternity style. Now well into her third trimester, the only thing that may have varied between this pregnancy with her second baby girl and her first with daughter Isabelle is that her bump came out much sooner. “I used to just size up, but it didn’t work that way this time around,” the Tone It Up co-founder says. “I needed actual maternity clothes!”

Luckily over the last few years, brands have created cute and fashionable clothing for moms-to-be. “My mom always tells me that when she was pregnant, she and her friends would hide their bumps with large dresses, big T-shirts and sweatshirts,” she shares. “Now I think women are embracing their bump and wearing tighter-fitting clothes, which I feel is a lot cuter.”

The 2021 SI Swimsuit rookie’s go-to throughout this pregnancy has been chic casual. “My everyday look has been a jumpsuit or knit dress of some kind with a linen shirt on top,” Scott says. “If I'm working, then it’s a blazer on top! This time around I’ve loved Beyond Yoga maternity pants, Bumpsuits, Show Me Your Mumu and Good American maternity jeans—all female founded.”

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And then there is of course Scott’s most comfortable look-to-date – her birthday suit! “I’m actually way more nude than ever,” the “Live Beautifully” podcast host admits. “I think it’s a beautiful thing when you’re pregnant, plus nothing fits at home. I’m always just walking around the house naked. Aside from that, I think it’s fun to dress up your bump!”

Just don’t ask her to put on heels again any time soon. She says, “I’m 32 weeks and just tried to wear heels out on a girls’ night. It didn’t work out, to say the least.” In addition to her must-haves of loose, soft pajamas with no elastic around the waist, underwear that is a size up and big T-shirts to wear around the house, keep scrolling for some of her favorite items this pregnancy.

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