Katrina Scott Just Shared the Most Adorable Picture of Her Baby Bump

The SI Swimsuit model is 27 weeks pregnant.

Katrina Scott kicked off the New Year by announcing the happy news that she and husband Brian will be welcoming Daughter No. 2 later this spring. The 2021 SI Swimsuit rookie of the year has been open about her struggles to conceive again—daughter Isabelle is now 3—having publicly detailed her diagnosis with secondary infertility, including two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy, before beginning her IVF journey. All of this makes the image that Scott shared of her bare belly on March 3rd all the more heartwarming.

“Getting more comfortable documenting the bump 💚 I’ve shared this before… but it’s been hard to take pics during this pregnancy,” she explained in the caption. “I kept thinking, ‘why bother’ or letting fear of our past losses get in the way of celebrating weekly milestones. But this little girl deserves to be embraced and loved… she’s in there and she’s growing like crazy! 🙏🏼🥲”

It’s been touching to watch Scott share more and more of this pregnancy since she announced it to her followers.

During her 2021 issue photo shoot in Tampa, the Tone It Up founder talked about her experiences navigating her identity as a fitness professional with the natural changes to your body that come along with being pregnant.

Speaking about her first pregnancy, she explained“I think as a fitness professional everyone expected me to be only bump, and that’s it. But I was like bump and booty and bod. It was everything: stretch marks, cellulite. I gained over 40 pounds,” she said. “I’ve been through so many different phases of my body, and it takes giving yourself grace.”

She continued: “I know that postpartum bodies..we’re not supposed to go backwards. We literally created a new life. We are in our new bodies…and our brains change, and our hearts expand. We shouldn’t be the same person.”

For more inspiring stories on this next chapter in her life, be sure to follow along with Scott on Instagram and listen to her podcast, Living Beautifully.

Mara Milam


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