The Professional Makeup Tricks Marquita Pring Uses Daily

The SI Swimsuit model gives a behind-the-scenes look at her makeup routine.

As a professional model since the age of 15, SI Swimsuit veteran Marquita Pring has picked up quite a few tricks from the makeup artists with whom she’s worked. “As a model, you are exposed to so many cool tips and tricks from people that really know what they're doing,” she says. Pring was all too happy to give a behind-the-scenes look into her simple and easy makeup routine. Set in a bathroom in the O2 Beach Club & Resort in Barbados, Pring took us step-by-step as she got ready for the day.

Step 1: Eyelashes

“First, I like to curl my eyelashes. I like to do one eye at a time. For some reason, I feel like putting my mascara on immediately after curling makes all the difference. I like to go on top first and then I like to go on bottom just a little bit.”

Step 2: Eyebrows

“Now I go for the brows. I love the Anastasia brows. This is another trick. I don’t remember who taught me this, but I learned to go the opposite direction of your eyebrows, which seems crazy but somehow it just fills in the little spaces perfectly. Then you rebrush it and you don’t look like a crazy cookie monster or something. I also like to do a little brow gel, too, because that keeps them in place. And now it’s time for the Q-tip.” Pring applies the Q-tip to the edges of her brow expertly cleaning them up. “Sometimes you don’t even realize how much comes off.”

Step 3: Foundation and Bronzer

Next up: concealer. Pring uses her fingers to tap it in and around any breakouts on the face. When searching for a bronzer or foundation, Pring has found the most luck with NARS. “I’m obsessed with NARS, all things NARS, especially for skin. I find for the darker tones and my color that it really, really works. And then I like to just do a bit in the apples and bring it into the cheekbones and blend that out and it’s just a nice little bit of coverage.”

Step 4: Blush and Lips

Next, she applies Stile Cream Blush. “I like to smile and just dab it in. I feel like that gives me a nice beachy, dewy glow.” Last step, the lips. “I am obsessed with Chapstick and like specifically the black Chapstick original from the child stick brand.”

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Evan Nachimson


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