Yumi Nu Talks About Creative Expression

The 2022 SI Swimsuit cover model explains the differences between her music and modeling worlds.

Yumi Nu is a multi-disciplinary creative force. Case in point: the 2022 Swimsuit Issue cover model celebrated the release of her new EP, Hajime, on the same evening as the SI Swim launch party. On the red carpet in South Florida, Nu talked with SI Swim rookie and host of MTV’s Catfish Kamie Crawford about creative expression in music and modeling.

Crawford asked, “Tell us about the difference between modeling and music. How do you combine the two? What are the differences? Where do you feel the most at home?” Nu responded, “I feel at home in both in different ways. Music is a personal creative vessel for me, where I can say things in a more vulnerable light, and modeling I feel is more collaborative. Not that music isn't, but music is more of a personal representation.”

Nu continued to explore the differences between working in music and modeling. “[As a model] I’m working with a team to reflect their vision and I’m being a part of a bigger picture,” she said.

Nu already has a fan in Crawford. “The music is great y’all! And I’m not just saying that—I actually have downloaded it,” said Crawford. Hajime may be the first EP released by Nu, but we know it will be the first of many. You can listen to Nu’s full first EP, Hajime, here.

Evan Nachimson


Evan Nachimson is New York based writer and artist. When he's not writing, he can be found during the day performing his own original kids music for babies all across NYC and Brooklyn or at a dog park smiling too much watching his Husky/Border Collie Mix, Panda play.