6 Photos of Christen Harper in Dominica That Made Our Jaws Drop

The three-time SI Swimsuit model wowed at her photoshoot.
Christen Harper.

Christen Harper.

Christen Harper, a true beauty both inside and out, has carved her path to success in the modeling world. Notably, she achieved the prestigious co-swim search winner title in 2021 and followed it up by being named co-rookie of the year in 2022, alongside her close friend Katie Austin.

For Harper, being featured in Sports Illustrated was a lifelong dream that began in her early years.

“Once upon a time, I looked at the images of Sports Illustrated and I saw all of these women that were confident and sure of themselves and that’s what I wanted to be,” Harper told SI. “I wanted to be here today to hopefully do that for another girl. It’s important for girls to feel confident.”

Beyond her successful modeling career, the Southern California native utilizes her platform to advocate for causes that hold deep personal significance. Often, she collaborates with Girls Inc., focusing on empowering young women and fostering self-esteem and positivity. Additionally, Harper actively participates in workshops through the Detroit Lions Academy’s partnership with the Pure Heart Foundation, further empowering and supporting young women.

Most recently, she shared her volunteer work with Baby2Baby, an organization dedicated to providing essential resources to children living in poverty. Harper's dedication to social causes is a testament to her caring nature and commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Take a look back at six of her most breathtaking images form her 2023 photoshoot with photographer Amanda Pratt.


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