Camille Kostek and Cindy Kimberly Star in New Kygo Music Video

The SI Swimsuit models are the stars of “Dancing Feet.”

Stills from the music video for "Dancing Feet"

SI Swimsuit models Camille Kostek and Cindy Kimberly star in the funky new Kygo music video for the song “Dancing Feet,” featuring DNCE. In the video, the DJ and the Joe Jonas-led group are dressed as hotel staff at the Palm Tree Resort. The video begins with Kostek and Kimberly driving up to a mansion where Jonas then proceeds to take off in their car. The women dazzle in ‘70s-inspired looks throughout the visuals. Kostek rocks some Farrah Fawcett-esque hair, and at a certain point, the two sport tennis looks complete with striped tube socks.

The story culminates in a dance party at a club—ode to Studio 54—where Kostek and Kimberly get to show off their moves on the dance floor. The whole video has feel-good vibes through and through. The funky track is sure to get stuck in your head when you hear it. Kostek described it as “the ultimate #NeverNotDancing song.”

Watch the music video for “Dancing Feet” below:

Mara Milam


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