Katrina Scott Sees Herself in the New SI Swimsuit Issue for the First Time

The new mom cradles her daughter in her arms while seeing her photographs from St. Croix..

After making history as the first visibly pregnant woman in the SI Swimsuit issue, Kristina Scott gave birth to her second daughter, Colette Jane, on May 24 at 5:38 a.m. Posting on IG with the news Scott said, “After quite the journey, our rainbow baby is earth side and she’s everything we imagined and more. Her name means victory and her middle name is after mama Jane… little C.J.”

Scott wasn’t able to see the actual print edition until she returned home from the hospital. With C.J. cradled in her arms and daughter Isabelle by her side, Scott took a look at the 2022 issue for the first time. Her husband Brian captured the moment on camera which Scott then shared in an IG post online. Scott says, “O.K., so the 2022 issue of Sports Illustrated came out and I was in the hospital for a little while delivering this beautiful angel, Colette Jane, who Ellie from SI helped us name. I’m sweating and very nervous.”

“Brian actually packed the issue in his bag and brought it to the hospital to surprise me, but I was so out of it with painkillers during recovery that he decided to wait until I was home and comfortable 💛🙏🏼 Which is good, because ugly crying takes a lot of abdominal strength 😭

Thank you @si_swimsuit @mj_day and the entire team for continuing to represent all women and celebrating every stage of a woman's life. You are simply the best. Love you endlessly!

Cheers to all the mamas, IF warriors, C-section moms, women struggling with fertility and all the women who have big dreams! This is for you!”

Opening to the two-page opener of the once-pregnant Scott, the SI Swimsuit model was visibly struck. “Oh my goodness.” After showing Isabelle the photograph taken by Derek Kettela, her daughter pointed and said, “Mommy! In a cape!” Laughing, Scott replied, “I am wearing a cape, a superwoman cape.”

The new mom has been consistently vocal about the need for more conversations around people's experiences with pregnancy loss and misscarriage. She has used her platform and voice to tell her own story while helping validate those grappling with miscarriage. The image of Scott holding her newborn while seeing herself in the 2022 issue is especially touching knowing her arduous journey. 

Evan Nachimson


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