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Meet The Swim Team: Janine Berey

Have you ever dreamed of working at SI Swimsuit? Well, we're giving you the inside scoop on what it takes.

The SI Swimsuit team is made up of seven women (yup, just seven) and we think it is time you got to meet the women behind the magazine. We will be doing a Q&A with six of the seven members of the team in the coming weeks as Senior Editor, Darcie Burroughs is currently on maternity leave.

Next, we have Janine Berey, Associate Editor at SI Swimsuit. Janine has been at SI for a decade now and has worked her way from intern to her current role. She has gotten to travel around the world to some of the most incredible places and has made some life-long friends along the way. 

SI: What is your current job at SI Swimsuit?

JB: I am the Associate Editor. 

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SI: Where did you go to college and what was your major?

JB: I attended Pace University in Pleasantville, NY and graduated with a major in Marketing and minor in English. 

SI: What internships did you have that helped land your job?

JB: After I graduated college, I started interning in the Market Research department for the publishing company Time Inc. Sports Illustrated was part of the Time Inc. portfolio, which allowed me to connect with contacts at Sports Illustrated and I began a second internship. While working for Sports Illustrated PR, I was then fortunate enough to network with the Swimsuit team and assisted on projects and launch events. 


SI: Where did you work before SI Swimsuit?

JB: Swimsuit was my first real job after college! In college I interned at different companies including MasterCard International and Urban Concepts. During my teenage years, I worked everywhere and anywhere I could – a nail salon, lots of restaurants, liquor promotions, a sales rep. and even an insurance company. Since I was young, my parents have always taught me the value of hard work no matter what job I had. I still practice those values today in my current role and am so grateful for that. 

SI: How long have you been at SI Swimsuit?

JB: 10 years

SI: How did you get your job at SI Swimsuit?

JB: I worked really hard as an intern for the Swimsuit department and built a connection with the team. After working for over a year as an intern, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to interview for the Editorial Coordinator position. I have been with the team ever since!

SI: What is a day at the office like for you?

JB: Day to day at the office is always changing which adds to the excitement and fast paced nature of the job. There are times when we spend weeks casting models, researching new locations for the upcoming issue, planning and organizing shoots and video content as well as all the fun travel logistics. I also collaborate and brainstorm with multiple teams to strategize and execute different overarching aspects of the brand.

Janine Berey in Kenya for the 2019 issue.

Janine Berey in Kenya for the 2019 issue.

SI: What is the best part of the job?

JB: This job has blessed me with so many incredible experiences that it’s hard to just list one, so I will include two! My first is the travel! Seeing different countries and cultures has truly shaped who I am as a person. No matter what I was personally going through over the past 10 years, visiting remote destinations with the most incredible group of women has humbled my life and changed my perspective on humanity. I have found true joy and love in the people I have met and the relationships I have formed throughout these years.

The second, most cherished part of my job is being able to work with some of the most influential women in the industry. Swimsuit has given me the opportunity to learn and grow from incredible mentors that I call family. 

SI: What has been your favorite SI Swimsuit location?

JB: I have two! Switzerland and Kenya. Switzerland is by far the most dreamy, scenic, stunning location I’ve ever visited. I became (and still am) so obsessed with the beauty and have traveled back twice with one of my best friends to ski and had the most incredible trips ever!

Kenya was a bucket list destination of mine. The experience of safari, the Maasai people and seeing some of the most magnificent animals that exist on this planet, is absolutely life changing.

The SI Swimsuit crew in Switzerland.

The SI Swimsuit crew in Switzerland.

SI: Dream shoot location?

JB: Egypt! I love history and seeing the pyramids is a dream of mine. The shoot would be epic and who wouldn’t love to see hieroglyphics in person?

SI: Favorite archive SI Swimsuit cover?

JB: Most definitely Paulina Porizkova, the 1984 and 1985 issues. I have always had such a girl crush on her! My love for her grew even more when she arrived to the 50th Anniversary legends shoot on her motorbike wearing a leather jacket. She is the definition of a natural beauty with effortless style and to top it all off, she is incredibly kind and down to earth. 

SI: What are your travel must-haves?

JB: I am a total nut about my skincare routine. I found this amazing woman who is not only a personal trainer, but she also has an organic skin care line. Her products include clean ingredients that help me during flights and long days of travel. These are two of my favs that I never leave home without - her Edible Beauty Oil and Face Oil


SI: What are some of your favorite swim brands?

JB: I love simple, classic swimwear that fits well and is comfortable. Although I love a good lounge beach day, I also like to participate in water sports so I am always looking for a suit that supports my body for any activities I might be doing at the beach. Here are some of my faves - MIKOH, Eberjey, Boys and Arrows.

SI: What advice would you give to someone who would like to work at SI?

JB: Never doubt your intuition. Hard work is undeniable so don’t be afraid to reach out and share your ideas with the world. Our company is an evolving brand that is always striving to expand our media platforms with new ideas, we can do that! Our team is a group of incredibly supportive women that love to chat, ideate and strategize for what’s to come. Reaching out with thoughts or ideas is one way to stand out amongst the crowd. 

WANT TO MEET THE REST OF THE TEAM: Margot Zamet (Editorial Intern), Joanna Giunta (Assistant Editor), Alyssa Conroy (Producer).