Introducing the 2023 SI Swim Search Final 7

Look for these women walking the runway at the annual Miami Swim Week fashion show!

Above all else, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit franchise is focused on empowerment and championing diversity, inclusivity and positive change with our platforms. SI Swim Search embodies the heart of that mission. We are consistently blown away by the women who are part of The Swimfluence Network community. Their passion for their own work in their personal lives and their support for one another is unmatched.

In April we introduced a group of 12 Swim Search finalists. We are now pleased to announce the seven women who will walk at the annual SI Swimsuit runway show at Miami Swim Week this summer and continue on to be considered for the coveted 2023 rookie position. 

These seven women were selected for their alignment with our brand mission. As our audience evolves, as the conversation around beauty, size, race and gender change, we are working even harder to celebrate unique beauty and draw awareness to inspiring stories that might otherwise go untold. We hope our community is as inspired by these women as we are.

Achieng Agutu


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Nina Cash


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Sharina Gutierrez


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Penny Lane


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Brittney Nicole


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Jena Sims


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Berkleigh Wright


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SI Staff