Get to Know 2023 SI Swim Search Finalist Berkleigh Wright

The 28-year-old is a technical account manager and Denver Broncos cheerleader.
Berkleigh Wright.

Berkleigh Wright.

Hometown: Lawrence, Kansas
Occupation: Technical Account Manager and Analyst
Age: 28

Berkleigh Wright is a technical account manager and analyst from Lawrence, Kans., currently residing in Denver. The 28-year-old earned degrees in strategic communications, business and psychology from the University of Kansas. She is also a member of the Denver Broncos cheerleadering squad and works closely with the Junior Denver Broncos Cheerleaders and Dare to Cheer programs, Children’s Hospital of Colorado, Boys and Girls Club of Denver, and Habitat for Humanity. Wright has a passion for reading and started her own book vlog, “Bookin’ It With Berk.”

Please list five fun facts about yourself.

  1. I was honored to be voted the 2022 Denver Broncos Cheerleader of the Year by my teammates and coaches.
  2. I’m no stranger to a swimsuit cover—I was the cover girl for the 2018 edition of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar.
  3. I had the opportunity of traveling to Hawaii with ProTour productions to support our active-duty military men and women.
  4. Bookin’ It With Berk’s Top 3 books:
    1. One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle
    2. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
    3. The Hotel Nantucket by Elin Hilderbrand
  5. My guilty pleasures: Cheese fries and ramen noodles. 

What inspired you to try out for SI Swim Search?

“I took this leap of faith because I feel that Sports Illustrated [Swimsuit] is a world-class organization that embodies everything I strive to be as a woman. It extends beyond beauty: they stand for being a strong individual with depth, brains, kindness and integrity. A brand that celebrates everyone’s differences, exhibiting that our imperfections are what makes us beautiful. SI Swim helped me embrace those ideals in myself, and now I strive to imprint that mindset in others.”

What would it mean to you to win SI Swim Search?

“Winning SI Swim Search to me means being a part of something bigger than myself. Being a member of the Sports Illustrated family and having this powerful platform would help me further myself as a mentor and reach a wider audience of our youth. A mentor that demonstrates to our younger generation that you are not limited by your external factors, but rather unlimited by the person you can become from the inside out.”

What has been the best part (so far) about being a part of The Swimfluence Network community?

“The Swimfluence Network has given me the opportunity to meet women from around the world that are introducing me to new perspectives and challenging me as a human being. Life is about bringing people together, cherishing those connections and using them for the greater good. This is what The Swimfluence Network is to me, and I am forever grateful to be a part of it.”

Who was the first person you told the good news to?

“My mom, Mischia. She has been my biggest confidant, my best friend, and the reason I am here today. I owe her so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

What is your favorite SI Swimsuit memory?

“I’ve admired Camille Kostek’s journey from the very beginning. Her carefree outlook and natural beauty are something I have always sought after. Even now into her established career, her lighthearted spirit continues to be contagious for me. Like her, I’m “never not dancing” and it would be a dream of mine to one day dance alongside her. Here’s to making many more memories with SI!”

What advice would you give to your younger self?

“Five pieces of advice for Little Berkleigh:

  1. Listen to your heart. If something is on it, it is there for a reason. 
  2. Some things are only meant to be in your life for a reason or a season. Letting them go with grace will make room for what is meant to stay. 
  3. Find your people and hold them close. 
  4. Kindness is cool. 
  5. Your authentic, genuine, weird and quirky self is the MOST beautiful thing you can be.”

What changes would you like to see in the world?

“Our world is far from perfect, and I know we have a lot of messes to clean up, but I believe that women are the powerful force to drive such change. I am an advocate for women’s empowerment and together we can continue to open doors and fight for equality in the greater workforce. According to Gloria Steinem, equal pay for equal work would put $200 billion more into the economy every year.

Women would put that money directly back into the economy, thus creating more jobs resulting in an uphill stream of positive impacts for our communities as a whole. In Steinem’s wise words, ‘Don't think about making women fit the world‬—think about making the world fit women.’”

SI Staff