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You can view the 2022 photo shoot for Gigi Robinson here.

Gigi Robinson makes her SI Swimsuit debut in 2022 as a Swim Search finalist and the first Gen Z and chronically ill woman in the magazine. “Living with a chronic illness has taught me about the resilience that we all have within ourselves. We are truly capable of anything we set our minds to, whether that is landing a dream role or simply getting out of bed each morning. My advice would be that if you made it through 100% of your worst days so far, you can make it through the best days yet to come.” Robinson is the founder of Its Gigi LLC, a creative media company focused on ethical partnerships, and a talkshow host of Spotify Live Everything You Need Is Within. She is also a seasoned photographer with more than a decade of experience creating assets for leading brands. A USC grad student, Robinson has been globally recognized for her strategies around social media literacy while simultaneously growing her online communities across platforms amassing over 150K total. 

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