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Here's How Sue Bird Views Gender Roles and Clothing

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Growing up, WNBA all-star and 2022 SI Swimsuit model Sue Bird never worried about fashion when putting on her uniform to play basketball. Off the court, it was a different story. “It’s been a struggle because I feel like there was what I knew I felt comfortable in, but I knew that didn’t match up with, I guess, what society was telling a girl, a woman was beautiful,” Bird says.

Beauty Evolution


We determine our beauty, not the eye of the beholder. From an early age, women are judged by their hair, the color of their skin, their clothes, and their bodies. Journey with our SI Swimsuit models as they discuss their beauty evolution, how they came to accept, honor, and embrace their bodies and beauty, and how they are rewriting the narrative on what it means to be powerful, beautiful, and who they are meant to be.