Highlights of Camille Kostek's 2022 Photo Shoot in St. Croix - Swimsuit | SI.com

Camille Kostek was photographed in the U.S. Virgin Islands in St. Croix by Derek Kettela for SI Swimsuit 2022.

"This is my best year. This is my favorite shoot, this tops it 100%. It's year five, I feel like I just started, I'm still a little model search baby but they brought me here and I am so excited to be back.

Finding out that I was coming back for year five (I have chills as I talk about it) and coming back to the U.S. Virgin Islands which is like a second home to me and now having the SI family bringing me to the Island to create unforgettable memories is really special. And I feel grateful, I feel blessed - what an honor to be back.

I didn't grow up wanting to be a model I never wanted to get into the modeling industry. I specifically just wanted to be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model. You know, each year I get to come back and i feel like family with them but I fully fully can tell you it is one of the best things to be apart of and I feel really lucky to be here. Goodbye, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep!"


SI Staff