SI Swimsuit 2022 Destinations: Saint Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands

USVI St. Croix’s diverse culture, history, and scenery make it a must-see!

Christiansted St. Croix

The town of Christiansted, St. Croix from afar.


St. Croix is steeped in history, world-class restaurants and pristine beaches that make the U.S. Virgin Islands a hotspot for any traveler. The SI Swimsuit team, along with Camille Kostek, Katrina Scott and Kamie Crawford, explored the breathtaking panoramic island together while shooting for the 2022 issue. Being a U.S. territory makes St. Croix a unique destination.

We found The Buccaneer exceeded all our expectations when we stayed at their family-owned and -operated resort just five minutes away from historic Christiansted. The resort offered a wide range of activities to choose from on the island, including snorkeling tours to the Buck Island Reef National Monument. If you’re looking to cruise between the different islands, Charter Kai is your absolute best option. The high-end luxury yacht offers comfortable quarters, a private chef, a stocked liqueur cabinet with wine and beer, and all the equipment you need (snorkeling gear, paddle boards, water toys etc.) to take advantage of the play that the ocean offers.

Visiting just the two main towns of St. Croix will give you a glimpse of the island’s incredible history—from regal 18th- and 19th-century homes in Christiansted to a tropical rain forest in Frederiksted, St. Croix is a destination you do not want to miss out on visiting!

A special thank you to Local Mocean Charters, Caribbean Sea Adventures, Left Lane Charter USVI and Calypso USVI for providing us with several boats used in the SI Swimsuit Issue 2022. 

Mermaid Beach at The Buccaneer Hotel

Mermaid Beach at The Buccaneer Hotel

United States Virgin Islands FAQ Part 2

(Click here for the FAQ Part 1 from USVI)

What animals will I see in USVI?

Iguanas, donkeys, lizards, mongooses, pigeons, birds, turtles, rays.

What are some must have meals in USVI and why?

  • Local fish (we love ours with the head on) but filets are available.
  • Fungi: USVI version of polenta but with okra. Fish and fungi is the customary combination.
  • Conch in butter sauce: The conch is pressurized to soften and cooked in the butter sauce.
  • Johnny cakes and pates: VI street food. Johnny cakes are fried dough that can be halved and turned into a sandwich; pates use the same dough and are stuffed with either beef, chicken, lobster or saltfish.

What are some must-have drinks in USVI and why?

  • Banana daiquiri: actually invented on St. Thomas, and it’s delicious.
  • Local juice: passion fruit, fruit punch, tamarind. It’s thirst-quenching.
  • Bushwacker.
  • Coquito: Available during the Christmas season, it’s like eggnog.

What are the top five must-see places in USVI?

  • Fort Christian: STT
  • Fort Christiansvaern: STX
  • Buck Island: STX
  • Trunk Bay: STJ
  • Magens Bay: STT
Saint Croix Waterfront

Waterfront at St. Croix

What are the top five experiences in USVI?

  • Carnival: April on St. Thomas; July on St. John; December/January on St. Croix.
  • Scuba diving: St. Croix.
  • Day sail: all three islands.
  • Jeep tour to Annaly Tide Pools: STX.
  • Tropical Treasure Hunt: STT.

What is the top beach on each island?

  • Magens Bay: STT
  • Trunk Bay: STJ
  • Buck Island: STX

If I am looking for some R&R, what can I experience in USVI?

Massages on the beach, a private villa.

If I am looking for some activity, what can I experience in USVI?

Bar crawl, restaurant crawl.

Budget tips for traveling to USVI?

  • Be conscience of the time of year.
  • Explore on your own. There are a lot free experiences.
  • Local food trucks, especially those close to the beach, offer great meals that are budget-friendly.
  • Consider accommodations within walking distance to activities, restaurants and beaches.

What is the one photo I must take while in USVI?

Tough question. St. Thomas has the most picturesque harbor in the Caribbean, so it’s a winner. But some beach shots with islands in the background is also a WOW shot.

Why USVI? Tell us why this area is so special!

Being a U.S. territory makes us a special location. A multidestination vacation, visiting all four main islands, also makes us unique. Exotic yet American.

Sugar Mill St. Croix

Historic Sugar Mill in St. Croix

Any local shops, galleries, special stores/sites to highlight?

  • Zora the Sandal Maker: handcrafted leather sandals and custom canvas bags (STT)
  • 81C Art Gallery: features local artists (STT)
  • Sonya’s, IB Designs: Local jewelers with signature pieces (STX)
  • Cruzan and Diageo rum distilleries (STX)
  • St. John Brewers: microbrewery (STJ)
  • Studio Bamboo: handcrafted jewelry (STJ)
  • Bajo el Sol Gallery (STJ)
Saint Croix Arches

Arches in St. Croix

Three words to describe USVI

Paradise. American. Welcoming.

What are people most surprised about when visiting?

How familiar the islands feel!

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