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Five things we learned about Kate Upton from her Vogue Twitter chat


Kate Upton continued her busy year with a stop by the Vogue offices to conduct a live Twitter chat. Upton appears on the current cover of the iconic magazine. SwimDaily never tires of covering Kate (see our coverage of her Gillette ads, doppelganger and infamous tweet), we thought we'd highlight five things we learned from the chat.

1. She really does not like airports.  

Kate was asked by Winn Carroll (@Winn3317) what she would choose if "she could have any superpower" and whether she'd use it "to fight crime or make life easier?" Kate replied, "I would totally want to be a jumper (like the movie?) so I could avoid airports." Seeing that Jumper only scored 16 percent on Rotten Tomato's Tomatometer, I suggest Kate find a better way to avoid airports.

2. She is a big Miranda Lambert fan

When aksed by Hannah (@McDurbinators)  to name some of her favorite country singers, Lambert was the only artist on Kate's mind. Enough said.

3. She is also a big Tracy Chapman fan.

Not many people are talking about Tracy Chapman these days, but she happens to sing Kate's favorite song. Nathan Friz (@SteelFriz10) asked her for her choice for "favorite song of all time," Upton responded with Chapman's Give Me One Reason. 

4. She really loves horses and wouldn't mind riding them on a farm where nobody could find her.

We already know from Kate's "Meet the Model" feature that she used to show horses and has two little ponies and dogs as pets. but Jake (@77) got her to admit that she'd like to "live near my family on a farm somewhere where no one could find me." I'm guessing she's a little tired of the media attention at this point. . She'd still be showing horses

5. If you buy her a necklace, don't expect it to be her favorite

Why? That distinction is already taken. Christina Liao (@CLiao_) asked Kate what the most cherished item is in her closet. Upton replied, "My mom gave me a cross necklace that she received when she was younger -- and I really love it." So go crazy with rings, bracelets, earings, anklets and everything else. Just lay low with the necklaces.