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Saie Beauty Just Made Your Morning Routine A Whole Lot Easier

It takes two minutes to get a hydrated glow and flawless brows.

I tried out Saie Beauty’s 2-Minute Makeup Kit and can confirm that two minutes is all you'll need for this morning makeup routine. The kit includes four easy-to-use products packed with simple and clean but powerful ingredients that will make you want to ditch your overflowing makeup bag. It is just what we need right now: lightweight products to let our skin breathe, but leave us looking glowing and put together.


Glowy Super Gel: This is my new eight cups of water a day. It gives an unbelievable glow without being sparkly or thick. I will totally keep using this under my foundation (and probably over as well) once that makes it back into the rotation. You can reapply throughout the day for boosts of hydration. As Saie describes the product, it gives an unfussy glow.


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The Mascara 101: This is a great everyday mascara. It doesn't clump and is quite dark but not overpowering for daytime wear. The applicator is easy to use and fans lashes out beautifully. 


Brow Butter: You can get this tinted or clear. This small applicator lets you be precise and helps you to avoid over applying products. There’s nothing worse than a glob of brown goo on your brow, right? This is the first gel product that didn’t make my eyebrows dense and too dark. Foolproof and low maintenance approved. 


Liquid Lip Balm: Sub this for your chapstick immediately. It’s like satin on your lips and gives a subtle shine and hint of color while nourishing dry lips.