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Six Items That Will Guarantee a Good Night’s Sleep

You will definitely snooze eight hours with these products.

From an early age, we have all heard the same thing: you need at least eight hours of sleep a night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, it is actually recommended that an adult get anywhere from seven to nine hours for maximum benefit, positively affecting the lungs, kidneys, metabolism and weight control. Allowing our bodies to remain in a state of rest is crucial for our overall well-being. With this best practice being drilled in our heads, why on most nights does it seem impossible to get a decent amount of shut-eye?

This is National Sleep Awareness Week and we want to help you get an uninterrupted night’s sleep. In addition to not looking at your smart devices at least 30 minutes before bed or having caffeine in the evening, these are some items that can help set the tone in your bedroom in order for you to have sweet dreams.

Sleep Mask


A sleep mask like this one from Mumi Design ($20)  will guarantee that the sun won’t be the reason you wake up unnecessarily early. The 3D eye mask is made from comfortable memory foam that isn’t heavy on your face while the adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit. The reusable earplugs that come in this kit are great to drown out any unwanted noise.

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Lavender Oil

Essential oils, especially lavender, can be a great way to help you relax. They are commonly used as a natural sleep aid to combat insomnia whether you spray some like Slip’s ($32) in the air or have a diffuser like this waterless one from Canopy ($70-$90) nearby with the scent.

Sound Machine

It may be hard to fathom that in order to drown out noise you need to listen to something else, but a sound machine like one from Pure Enrichment ($25) helps keep the noise consistent. Some people prefer white noise, which is even across all frequencies. Others want to pretend they are dozing off to the sounds of waves or light rain. Regardless of the choice, focusing on the sound at hand can give a major assist to getting lulled to sleep.



A weighted blanket can help restore your natural balance while calming stress and anxiety. This throw from Baloo Living ($219), an eco-friendly, luxury brand, is designed with glass microbeads and 100% cotton to mold perfectly to your body without trapping heat, making it usable in all climates and seasons. Soft but durable, this weighted blanket comes in pebble white and clay colors, which also help promote a calm, serene space.

The sheets you sleep on don’t need to be super expensive in order to get some ZZZZs. The HC Collection ($32)sheets are made from lightweight microfiber fabric and are very affordable. With 13 colors to choose from, these are a must for bedrooms everywhere.


Lastly, what you wear to sleep is just as important as anything else. The material needs to be breathable and not too tight. This lightweight cotton set from Heidi Carey ($185) with the scalloped edges is a stylish yet comfortable way to snooze.