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Camille Kostek Discloses Her Pre-Photo Shoot Morning Routine

Here’s how you can also start your day off right.

Camille Kostek may as well add “guru” to her multi-hyphenated list of jobs. The 2019 SI Swimsuit Issue cover model and master of manifestation shared her formidable morning routine with her followers on Instagram today. If you’re not following Kostek now, what are you waiting for?! Here’s how Kostek gets ready for a shoot in the morning.

Walk and Get in Nature

Kostek begins her morning by dipping her toes in the ocean. “Went down to the beach to put my feet in the sand and ocean while soaking up the morning light,” she notes. While we all don’t have access to a beach directly outside our door, we can similarly begin the morning with a walk to a park or around the neighborhood taking in the cool morning breeze.

Stretch and Meditate

She follows her morning walk with light stretches in my room followed by a four-minute guided meditation to warm up her body.

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Cross Some Items Off the Daily To-Do List

Continuing to take care of her mental health and professional life, she makes all of her business calls first thing so she doesn’t have to “carry the angst of knowing I can’t be at my phone while shooting today to get back to anyone.”

Take a Cold Shower

After her business calls are cleared out, the model takes a cold shower which she revealed earlier to SI Swimsuit as being one of her best tricks to help beat jet lag. Kostek says that the shower “forces me to deep breathe and feel even more alert and awake for the day.”

Skin Care and Hydrate

Finishing her routine Kostek uses rose oil on her face and massages it with a facial Gua Sha. For breakfast she eats oatmeal, a bowl of berries and drinks a bottle of water with a cup of tea.

We’re grateful to Kostek’s inner glow and sharing the routines that keep it intact and shining!