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Camille Kostek’s Best Advice Will Help Save You Years of Worrying

The greatest love of all is self-love.

There is no denying that Camille Kostek is a beautiful woman, but even she admits to working on self-acceptance and self-love. “As much as I advocate for body positivity and accepting who you are as you are, I went through it, and that is why I can talk about it and why I can relate,” the SI Swimsuit model says. “I’m not this confident, happy-go-lucky girl every single day. I didn’t not have hardships and struggles and body dysmorphia with myself. It’s pretty normal, unfortunately.”

Waking up and loving herself despite the valleys of life is how she shows up and supports herself. “You don’t have to love everything that you are doing but love who you are inside and grow together and literally talk to yourself,” she shares. “Have that inner dialogue, look at yourself in the mirror, write it down, go through all of these things that you are processing in your mind all the time.”

Spending so much time in front of a camera, Kostek knows firsthand how outside scrutiny can affect one’s mental well-being and confidence. “My greatest advice is to not compare yourself to other people,” she says. “[It’s] a whole other life that you live every day when you wake up when you accept where you are in your life.”

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This goes beyond looks and physical appearance. “Even if that means that you are unhappy with the weight that you’re at; if you’re unhappy with the career that you’re in; if you’re unhappy, that’s O.K.,” the new host of Dancing with Myself adds. “Why not wake up and decide today is the day that you are going to fall in love with yourself?” - No matter what.

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