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Christen Harper’s Top 5 Winter Accessories

The SI Swimsuit model learned some tricks when she lived in Michigan.

Christen Harper was born to be in SI Swimsuit. The 28-year-old is comfortable and confident in a bathing suit. What she wasn’t prepared for was a life of bundling up in layers and bracing for frigid temperatures. But that’s what the model had to do when she moved to Michigan in 2020 with her boyfriend, Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff. And the transition was an interesting one for the Southern California native.

“The hardest part for me was adjusting to the lack of sunshine in the winter—it made me just want to stay inside all day,” says Harper. “I had to prioritize ways to get outside, go to a coffee shop, try new restaurants, go for walks, go to a workout class to keep things interesting.”

Going outside this time of year in the Great Lakes region means some solid winter gear is in order. “Nice quality and cute winter gear you are excited to wear makes the process of leaving the house fun and exciting,” adds Harper, who shares her top five winter accessories.

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Although it was an adjustment for Harper, she enjoyed her time in Detroit. “My favorite part was experiencing the magic of the seasons for the first time,” she says. “Southern California is so beautiful year-round, but I never realized what I was missing out on. Fall is so beautiful when the leaves change, and you can go apple picking. There is nothing better, and it feels so much more festive heading into the holiday season when i’’s a little snowy out, and you want to bundle up and get cozy.”

Harper adds, “There is something so fun about experiencing each season to the fullest, and I feel like Michigan really knows how to do that!”

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