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Five Everyday Products That Are Good For the Environment

From plant-based to sustainable, you can feel good about these purchases.

Spring is officially here, summer is creeping closer, and that means it's time to enjoy the great outdoors. But as much as it's important to embrace nature, it's also important to remember that climate change is a real threat. With World Environment Day on June 5 and World Ocean Day on June 8, it’s the perfect time to tackle this subject. So to honor those days of awareness, we decided to round up some products that you could use everyday that are good for the environment. (Bonus: many are good for you, too!)

Earth's Ally Gardening Products


Spring also means gardening season. Swap your typical weed killer for one that is safe for people, pets, pollinators and the planet. Earth's Ally is a natural, 100% non-toxic line of organic gardening products available at any typical retailer. The company only uses a perfected combination of common ingredients found in the home (sea salt, vinegar, soap, water) that are field-tested, farmer approved and proven effective. The non-selective herbicide quickly kills all common weeds down to the root with visible results within just three hours. You'll have a beautiful garden without harming the environment.

Pride + Groom "The Shedder" Dog Shampoo

Pets are like babies for many people so it makes sense that you'd want the best for them. Enter Pride + Groom's The Shedder shampoo for dogs who shed. It's made with all-natural ingredients, including essential oils like niaouli oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil and flaxseed oil to help condition the fur and release the undercoat in the bath, which reduces shedding. One unsolicited reviewer wrote, "I used Pride+Groom, THE SHEDDER on Zeus, and I've never taken the vacuum cleaner out less. Not to mention he smells so good my girlfriend now thinks he's her best friend." Better yet, you know that your precious pup is getting a completely natural product to maintain health and the environment.

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Saffron Road's Organic Crunchy Chickpeas

We are what we eat, right? By that logic, eating as clean as possible will help promote optimal personal health. Plus, supporting brands that produce organic products encourages more sustainable farming practices across the globe. Saffron Road checks both of those boxes. It is the leading clean-label, world cuisine line of frozen entrees, shelf-stable meals, simmer sauces and plant-based snacks, organic and non-GMO Project Verified. And as the No. 1 chickpea snack brand in the U.S. (yes, that's a thing), Saffron Road's Crunchy Chickpeas deliver on taste and nutrition by being gluten-free, serving up six grams of plant-based protein, and having no artificial flavors or coloring. Go ahead and snack! It's good for the environment after all.

Moral Code Shoes

Your next pair of flats could help the environment one step at a time. Moral Code, the premium direct-to-consumer leather footwear and accessories company, recently released a capsule collection of eco-friendly unisex designed shoes: MC Ethical Living. And it goes beyond what other brands typically do, offering "vegan leather" as a quick-fix alternative to leather. But, as CEO Mark Kohlenberg points out, “Vegan leather is just plastic.” So he has created a socially conscious brand using sustainable and ethically sourced materials in an eco-friendly and organic vegetable tanning process. Moral Code was among the first brands to offer Olivenleder products, which is a patented technology using fallen olive leaves that would have otherwise gone to waste. They also developed sustainable manufacturing like water treatment that ensures 90% reusability and solar power for energy needs.

Nuun Hydration Products


Nuun is all about helping your body operate in peak condition with the help of its hydration products -- and it does so by helping the environment, too. The brand just unveiled the industry's first clean energy product and was just certified as Climate Neutral for the second year. They've already been working to reduce our carbon emissions and purchased carbon offsets while also committing to reducing future emissions and finding more sustainable packaging. Their products are also vegan, kosher and non-GMO. As Nuun describes it, they're all about "Clean Product, Clean Sport and Clean Planet."