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How to Fix Your Stubborn Gut Issues

Meet the Better Belly System.

My Girl is not only a women’s wellness community but also a brand dedicated to helping women naturally support their gut health. Did you know that over 72% of women have struggled with digestive issues at some point in their lives? This means you’re most likely one of the many who have experienced the frustration that comes along with difficult digestion, stubborn bloating, gas and struggles in the bathroom department. Aside from aiding in a strong digestive system, gut health contributes to so much more.

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“I truly believe a happy and healthy body begins in the belly and that starts with a healthy gut,” says My Girl Wellness founder Tayla Burke. “Our gut deserves more credit than it’s given. We all know a healthy gut contributes to proper digestion but we don’t always recognize its crucial role in our immune strength, energy levels, brain function, skin and heart health, sleep patterns, food cravings, and emotional well-being.”

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After years of experiencing her own struggles with gut health (severe bloating, head fog, low energy levels, mood shifts) and lack of results from every product she had tried, Burke sought out to create her own natural effective solutions. Working with a team of award-winning formulating experts over the course of a year, Burke launched an innovative three-step gut-supporting product line to not only fix her own needs but also to help thousands of other women along the way.

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“If you’re someone who is currently suffering with stubborn gut and stomach issues on the daily I know first hand how uncomfortable and defeating it can feel,” says Burke. “The good news is that there are effective solutions out there to help us feel better each and every day.”

Meet My Girl’s Better Belly System, a three-step system formulated to rebalance your belly, speed up digestion, ease bloating, and promote healthy and regular bowel movements.


Step 1: Gut Goals

What it is: A daily probiotic that nourishes your stomach with good bacteria, boosts your immune system, and relieves stomach discomfort.

Step 2: Eat Your Heart Out

What it is: An army of digestive enzymes that help your body breakdown food, rid bloating and gas, and absorb the proper nutrients from the food you consume.

Step 3: You Go Girl (aka your bowel’s new BFF)

What it is: A natural herbal blend that keeps things moving smoothly and supports healthy and regular bowel movements.

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