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How to Get Runway-Ready Glowing Skin Before Your Next Big Event

Here’s how skin savant Amy Peterson is preparing models’ skin before Miami Swim Week.

There’s no bad time to get glowing skin, but there are dos and don’ts when it comes to last-minute treatments before an event. Miami-based medical aesthetician Amy Peterson is tending to the skin of many models — including SI Swimsuit’s Brooks Nader — right before Miami Swim Week. I sought her out to get her take on how she preps skin in crunch time and what mistakes to avoid. Peterson — known as the Skin Savant — also shares her thoughts on the ideal skincare routine and exciting new laser treatments.

What’s your typical go-to treatment to prepare a client for an event?

We offer a treatment called Customized Magic Hours. These are our customized facials utilizing a variety of machines and treatment techniques. Our experts tailor the treatment to the client’s skin concerns and goals, which makes it a perfect treatment to prepare for an event. We can hydrate and sculpt and make you red carpet ready.

Say a client is booked for a runway show that’s only a couple of days out. What is the first thing she should do to prep her skin?

They should use products at home that promote hydration and glow. These will leave the skin looking fresh, plump and radiant. Some of my suggestions are Zo Skin Health Illuminating AOX Serum, Mirigal Oil, Meder Hydra Fill Sheet masks and Biologique Recherche Patchs Defatigants. I would also try to fit in one or two Environ Triawave facials to lift and sculpt.

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What should one avoid on the skincare front right before a show or an event?

I think in crunch time it’s best not to pick at any blemishes because it can spread the bacteria causing more breakouts and make the blemish more inflamed and noticeable. I think you should drink a ton of water to flush your system. Using a spot treatment is a great way to minimize the appearance of a breakout or blemish. Some of my favorite spot treatments and acne products are Zo Skin Health Acne Control, Environ Sebu-Spot Blemish Gel, LightStim Acne and Meder Eu Seb Sheet Masks. I also would suggest not trying any new treatments or products that were not recommended by a trusted professional. In general, I think it’s important to wear SPF every day and protect yourself from the sun, which is something a lot of people still don’t do.

The last time I saw you my skin was a wreck between a breakout and dehydration. We went with a lot of cooling treatments. What were the benefits of that approach?

Yes and your before and afters were incredible! I typically do prefer cooling treatments as I think there are so many benefits in calming and sculpting the skin. I also really think inflammation is a big culprit of a lot of skin conditions. So using heat is never my go-to. I do, however, love a hot towel.

You also got me on the dermablade bandwagon. Why do you love that treatment so much?

I love dermaplaning because it removes the vellus hairs and dead skin cells from the face. This leaves the skin much smoother and allows the products we use in the treatment room or at home to penetrate deeper. I would recommend getting dermaplaned by a professional, as the technique can be tricky and the blades sold for at-home use are not the same quality.

What’s the latest in the laser game?

Aerolase Neo is one of the newest lasers we have brought on. It’s very safe and incredibly effective at addressing a wide variety of skin concerns such as melasma, acne, rosacea, face and leg veins, and even laser hair removal. I am also excited to add the Eon Laser to the practice—we just got it delivered last night. This laser targets and reduces unwanted fat on the body via a Robot. Lastly we are waiting to receive the Oxylight Ionix, a five-in-one facial that literally does everything. It’s going to be incredible!

Are you a fan of gua shas and the facial lymphatic massages?

I am not necessarily a fan of gua shas because people are typically not consistent and do not use them properly. Still, I do believe in manual manipulation of the face and facial lymphatic massage. We have at-home facial tools and several in office treatments that utilize vibration and other forms of manual manipulation of the face. In a perfect world, if we had the time to use more at-home devices and they didn’t end up in clients’ vanities, I would certainly recommend more. It’s all about consistency with them; they can never replace an in office treatment.

If you had to describe the perfect skincare routine what would it be?

A perfect skincare routine varies on the person’s age and skin concerns. That being said, I don’t think skincare routines need to be super long or complicated. You do need to love it—the whole routine and ritual—because that will set you up for success. The foundation of a great skincare routine involves an amazing cleanser, cream,and SPF. Vitamin C and HA and retinol-like products are also great to incorporate into every skincare routine. You just have to be careful with the time of year and sun exposure when using any form of retinol.