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Kate Bock’s Favorite Places to Travel All Have to Do With the Great Outdoors

On a mountain or at the beach, the SI Swimsuit superstar loves being surrounded by nature.

Kate Bock has been very fortunate to have a career that has taken her to some pretty extraordinary places for work (hello, Bali for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2020!), but it’s her trips when she is off the clock that resonate so much more. The 2020 SI Swimsuit cover model loves her time at home in New York City just as much as when she is on-the-go. And her vacations tend to be a combination of both nonstop activities to time spent lounging with her (Kevin) Love.

The Vancouver native does a great job taking her followers along for every trip whether it be to the beaches in St. Barts to the mountains in Whistler, British Columbia. And for every destination, Bock shares her sense of style, which serves as the perfect unintentional guide to help anyone else preparing for their own getaway. She's even shared some of her staple items she tries to pack on every trip.

Keep scrolling to find out her favorite places to visit and why each holds such a special significance for her. You may quickly catch on that her top spots all have to do with the great outdoors!


“I am a Thai food lover—it is my favorite cuisine. The fragrances, the beaches, the mountains, all of it.”

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Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah

“It is such a cool hotel that is hidden in the rocks. You are in the middle of nowhere. It is absolute peace and quiet.”


“Anywhere you can go skiing. I grew up in Vancouver. I’m a big skier/snowboarder fan. I love Aspen; I love Jackson Hole, pretty much any ski resort.”

New York City

“Best place on Earth. My favorite city. I love living there. I miss it a lot when I can’t be there.”


“[It’s] where I grew up. It’s so beautiful. You can ski; you can swim; you can do it all.”

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