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What Kate Bock Always Packs When Traveling

Here’s proof that you only need a few staple items to pull several looks together.
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Kate Bock is one of those women who always seems to look put together. Any time she offers style advice, we take notes. Here, Bock shares her essential clothing items to stay prepared on any kind of trip.

"What do I pack regularly? Jeans or jean shorts. I always have my black or white T-shirt that's appropriately cropped and an oversized black blazer because I can wear it with the shorts. I can wear it with jeans. I can wear it with leather pants…You can kind of like dress it up, dress it down. It’s warm, it’s comfortable. You can travel in it. Those are the essentials…”

You heard her: Jeans, jean shorts, a blazer, white crop top, black crop top, and maybe some leather pants. Easy peasy.

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