Katie Austin’s Tried and True Tips to Fight Bloating

You'll want to save these secrets from the SI Swimsuit model and fitness influencer.

Let’s talk about bloating. I know it’s not a fun topic to discuss, but it happens to all of us and we need to normalize it. I don’t know about you guys, but I always seem to get bloated at the most inconvenient times. In the days leading up to my trip to Montenegro with SI Swimsuit, I could feel my period coming on. The bloating was real, the cramps were at an all-time high, and I knew I needed to take all the necessary steps to try and aid the bloating, cramps and constipation that I was experiencing before my photo shoot.

Here are some of my top tips for managing bloating and constipation issues:

  • When I wake up feeling bloated, the first thing I always like to do is make a debloat smoothie. This Detox Spa Smoothie is super light and refreshing and really helps to get things moving when you’re feeling backed up and bloated. You could also add a spoonful of chia seeds here to add in some fiber.
  • Staying hydrated is key! Make sure you are drinking water before, during and after meals as well as throughout the day.
  • A few of my favorite recipes that are packed with fiber and help with constipation and bloating are:
  • If you can, try getting a lymphatic drainage massage. It can help relieve swelling and water retention. It can also help alleviate constipation and improve your overall digestion and circulation.
  • Be mindful of your salt intake. Too much salt can lead to water retention and bloating.
  • Cut back on carbonated drinks. These are infused with carbon dioxide gas to create the bubbles, but too much can actually lead to bloating. So skip that afternoon La Croix or soda if you are feeling bloated.
  • Drink/eat slower. When you eat and drink too quickly you actually are ingesting too much air which can lead to bloating.
  • Chew less gum. When you chew gum, you are swallowing excess air which can cause bloating. Go for a mint or just chew gum for a few minutes to get that fresh flavor.
  • I like to take My Girl Wellness supplements. You Go Girl supports healthy and regular bowel movements and can help alleviate constipation. Gut Goals is a probiotic that balances your belly and supports healthy digestion.
  • Go for a walk after you eat. The slow movement right after you eat will aid digestion.
  • I also recommend this amazing debloating flow routine. It features very light, relaxing and low impact movement, designed to help wake up your entire body and increase circulation to aid in digestion and relieve bloating.

If you have any other helpful tips, please feel free to comment below! I always love learning new tricks from you guys, too!

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Katie Austin is a fitness personality, entrepreneur and host. The daughter of fitness icon Denise Austin, health and exercise have always been a part of Katie’s life. A Division I lacrosse player at USC, she has grown her workout brand to over 1.5 million social media followers, an app, a YouTube talkshow, online programs and more. In addition to her fitness-centered enterprises, Katie co-hosted a show on FOX Sports West for two years and has hosted at the Super Bowl and NBA Awards, to name a few. She was honored on Create + Cultivates Top 100 Women in Digital list and was named by Seventeen as one of the top 10 fitness Instagrams to follow. Austin authors a weekly column for SI Swimsuit, "Katie's Column" where she shares the best healthy recipes, free workouts, lifestyle tips, relationship advice and so much more!