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Leyna Bloom and Jasmine Sanders Share the Makeup Essentials They Don’t Leave Without

The SI Swimsuit models get their glam on together.

Leyna Bloom and Jasmine Sanders have both been featured on the SI Swimsuit Issue cover, walked high-fashion runways and appeared in international campaigns for worldwide brands. The good friends reconnected and got their glam on before heading out to explore Belize, the destination for their 2022 photo shoot.

As they get themselves ready to tour the island, they talk shop. “We’re about to go see the city and we’re getting our makeup done,” Bloom says. “Jaz, what do you think of Belize so far?”

“I definitely think I need a whole lot of hair spray because the humidity is crazy,” Sanders replies.

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“When did you first learn how to do your own makeup, girl?” Bloom asks as the duo preps in front of back-to-back mirrors. “I’ve been doing my makeup for a long time,” says Sanders. “I started really young when I started going through my mom’s products. My mom’s been a makeup artist my entire life. She taught me every trick in the book.”

Bloom reveals she wasn’t that lucky. “I started makeup because all these girls in school were always doing makeup and I was like, ‘O.K., I’m going to try to do it.’ So I went to the local pharmacy, got me the wrong shade and went to school the next day looking like a hot mess!” Sanders replies, “I’ve definitely had some horrible moments.”

Bloom shifts the conversation to blush, asking if Sanders prefers pink or peach. Sanders notes that she goes for orange when she’s on vacation and on trips. “But then I love to do a lot of highlight,” Sanders adds. “It’s less face coverage and more glow. What are your go-to products? What do you have to have when you’re traveling?”

Bloom shows off her Dior palette and the L’Oreal Luminous Original mascara. “It’s super cute,” she says. “When it’s time to take [the mascara] off it doesn’t get stuck, it just literally slides right off and it lasts all day and makes my eyelashes super thick but also my brows super thick. What about you? What’s your essential?”

Sanders jumps right in. “Girl, first off, before we even get into makeup, we have to get into wipes. I take them everywhere I go. They stay in my bag, they stay in my car. I don’t care—it takes everything off and they’re just easy and light on my skin and not too oily or anything. That, moisturizer and a good highlight. But once I get a tan, I don’t even put on concealer. As long as I get a good brow…” Bloom interjects excitedly, “Girl same! It’s mascara for me. Mascara and brows and a good [lip] gloss.”

While they put on their finishing touches, Bloom and Sanders discussed how they recharge and keep themselves balanced. Says Sanders, “I need my me time. I really make sure I balance that in right now. Family time is extremely important.” Bloom adds, “It’s good to just get away and travel and get back to work.” Sanders replies, “The things that fill our cup: family, friends, traveling and work.” On this trip to Belize, the cup is definitely full.

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