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Seven Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s no trick to get your scary on from home.

Although Halloween comes at the same time each year, some of us have a little trouble remembering to buy or make something for the spooky day. The result? You end up stuck with a white-sheet ghost as your only option. But don’t worry, there are plenty of great costumes you can pull together in a few minutes with items found around the house and in your closet. Here are seven last-minute Halloween costume ideas.

Bo Peep from Toy Story

All you need for this adorable look is a blue dress, oversized hat and a pink bow. Then, just add a little sheep toy or make one out of cotton balls and black construction paper, and you’ll be ready to go. Bonus if you have Woody and Buzz printouts.

Classic Witch

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Traditional is always a solid choice when it comes to Halloween costumes. And it doesn’t get more classic than a witch. You just need a long black dress, some boots and a broom. Then, add some dramatic makeup, and, poof!, you’re a witch. But, of course, if you really want a hat to pull the look together even more, head to any drugstore, and they’re bound to have one.


Here’s another traditional costume that you can make as creepy or as cute as you want. Simply don a white top and pants, then rip up sheets into strips. Wrap the strips around your body and head to create an easy mummy look. Just drape a few for a sexier look or get covered head to toe. Add a bit of red makeup on your face to up the gore factor.


We all have some workout gear lying around. Throw on some black bike shorts and a sports bra, add high socks and sneakers, put your hair in pigtail braids, and use eyeshadow to create a black eye. The costume is sure to be a knockout.

Party Animals

Did all your friends forget to come up with something this year? Tell everyone to choose a set of animal ears (or you can make some by cutting them out of construction paper and gluing them onto a headband) and grab party hats. You will instantly become party animals.

Jennifer Lopez

We know it takes a lot of work to look like the real JLo. But one of her iconic outfits is actually an easy costume. Just pair white jeans, a white belly tank top, oversized hoop earrings and a white bandana, and you instantly transform into Jenny from the Block.


Who doesn’t love an adorable mouse? All you need to pull the cute look together is a gray dress and some mouse ears. Even if you don’t have any ears on hand, you can make them with gray and pink paper and a headband. Then, draw some whiskers with eyeliner, and you have a costume in under 30 minutes. Fun add: Grab some Swiss cheese to nibble on throughout the night.