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Tracy Anderson Reveals Her Holiday Health Hacks

The fitness pioneer gives her top tips for staying fit this season.
Photo courtesy of Tracy Anderson

Photo courtesy of Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson is known for shaping the bodies of thousands of people through her unique method. However, one of her secrets is getting members motivated to do her heart-pumping workouts. And finding the motivation to get in a sweat session or stick to a diet is one of the most challenging things to do during the holidays. That's why Anderson supports the Citi Custom Cash Card – it gives you cash back for working out at fitness clubs and pursuing other lifestyle activities. We chatted with the fitness expert to find out her hacks for staying healthy during the festive season.

Get Just 30 Minutes Of Exercise In

“Over my 25 years of practice, I have found that the people who get at least my 30-minute beginner class in through my Online Studio on the actual holiday itself enjoy the holiday even more,” says Anderson. “Or I will pop on one of my playlists that I already crafted, like the Citi Custom Cash Card workout playlist, and go for a hike. As long as you aren’t disrupting the balance of the family time and you can get in even a 15-minute moment to stretch with yourself, I believe that you can handle and appreciate all of the celebrating joy in a more connected way.”

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Don’t Stress About Holiday Meals

“Don’t diet on the days of the big meal – enjoy the meal and delight in all of the family traditions and appreciation for everyone who made it,” she adds. “Know that you will not be making the healthiest choices at the big meal and that’s okay. It is so important to let your intellectual self in during the holidays and not let it all be emotional eating!”

Focus on Making Other Meals Nutrient Dense

“Through the holidays, it is much easier to enjoy special moments where you choose a much fuller meal and more drinks for a day or two when all of the other days you are living for your healthiest self by a self-respected standard.” she says. “It is important to note that the holidays don’t string 60 days together; there are a handful of days over November and December marked as actual holidays themselves. The rest of the days, you need to be looking out for best practices with your movement, nourishment and rest. I also find the local organic co-op or store committed to my health standards and don’t just eat out for every meal.”

Find a Streaming Workout

“I only work out to the method I created,” she adds. "The great news is that the content I create and film once a week for my global streaming audience also serves me throughout the week. I stream to myself all of the time. It’s so easy to travel with streaming and stay effective on a real program.”