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Q&A: Genevieve Morton


Whether she's jamming out to Cyndi Lauper, playing with her cat Horatio or cheering on the Knicks and Rangers (not anymore!), Genevieve Morton is always up to something fun. The South African model recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. SwimDaily caught up with Genevieve to discuss life on the left coast.


SwimDaily: Tell us what you're doing in Los Angeles?

Genevieve Morton: I went to LA to work on acting and work on that side of my career. I've been taking dialogue classes and acting class since I've been here.

SD: What's your typical  day like?

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GM: I do school once a week. I go to dialect classes twice a week and then going to castings, meetings with clients, shootings, all that stuff. The one thing I really like about LA is that there's so much activities to do. Outdoors, hiking. It's really a great place to live.

SD: So let's talk about men. You're single. Any good dates to tell us about?

GM: I had one date. It went pretty well. It was one of the first dates I've been on in a really long time because I wasn't dating for a while. But I'm putting myself back out there on the market so I'm taking it easy to start with. But the date was really really fun, I must say.

SD: Good to hear. It can be intimidating for a guy to go on a date with a SI Swimsuit model.

GM: I don't think this guy was intimidated by me, but back in New York, I went out with a guy who was intimidated. He was like, "You're gonna break my heart when you go to LA." I was like, "Jesus Christ. This is just the second date we've had. Calm down."

SD: Will there be a second date with this most recent guy?

GM: I saw him  two more times after that but then he had to go away for work. So let's hope so because I'd like to go on another date. I'd think I deserve to go on another date. I'm also just a young girl looking to find someone to flirt with.

SD: You're in the right city for it. Maybe I'll put out a call for people to send pics and a 100-word explanation as to why you should date Genevieve Morton. (feel free to send entries to

GM: That's a great idea.

SD: I saw you were at the Fast and Furious 6 premiere. Are you a fan of those movies? Have you seen the first five?

GM: It's one of those movies we've all grown up with. I was 12 or 13 when the first one came out. I've been watching it all the way since then. The new movie is pretty pretty exciting.

SD: So if you could go to a desert island with Vin Diesel, The Rock or Paul Walker, who would you choose?

GM: Paul Walker is the cutest of the lot I think.

SD: What did you wear to the premiere?

GM: I wore a lace dress that's see through and  I put a nude slip underneath to make it a little sexy.


SD: Do you ever get recognized as a SI Swimsuit model.

GM: Someone asked for my autograph on the red carpet the other night.

SD: Guy or girl?

GM: It was a guy. I was pretty pleased.

SD: Tell me about the bacon condom I saw you post a photo of on Instagram.

GM: I have a thing where I find these hilarious pictures online and I send them out to my friends. Those bacon condoms were perfect for Instagram. They are hilarious. I wish they were real - it would be so funny.

SD: I noticed you're trying to start a new trend called Topless Tuesday - have you gotten good response?

GM: People seem to like it. Everyone thought it was fun. I may have gotten one or two bad comments but most people were light-hearted about it.


SD: Is this a new Tuesday Genevieve feature we can look forward to?

GM: I don't want to be banned by Instagram so I'll try it out a couple times and see what happens.

SD: I hope not either. Thanks for answering these questions and I'll forward you any photos of guys who write us wanting to be your next date.