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Gigi Hadid salsa dances with a quesadilla—and looks HOT doing it!

Gigi Hadid loves to dance—from shimmying on the set of SI Swimsuit 2016 to twirling around in lingerie. And no matter how she does it, we love to watch.

In the latest edition of Dancing with Gigi (we wish that was really a TV show), the blonde bombshell and several other SI Swimsuit models—including Chanel Iman, Sofia Reising and Rose Bertram—learned to salsa at Ball & Chain lounge in Miami’s Little Havana.

Ball & Chain is one of the premier locations for salsa dancing in all of Miami. It was dubbed one of Miami’s most beautiful bars in 2015, which explains why our gorgeous models fit in so well there.

Not only did Gigi embrace the authenticity of Miami’s Cuban culture by practicing one of its signature dances, she took advantage of its culinary delicacies as well. We’ve never seen someone look so adorable while dancing with food, but honestly we’re not surprised. It’s Gigi we’re talking about here.

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Watch the video evidence of Gigi’s spicy dance moves above. You won’t be disappointed.

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What could possibly be better than a video of the super-sexy Gigi Hadid shaking her hips, you ask? A video of FOUR salsa-ing models! Well you’re in luck: the full video of Gigi, Chanel, Rose and Sofia learning to salsa will be released later this week!

TBD if there will be more quesadilla appearances.

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