Roshumba Williams Shares One of Her Favorite Moments From 34 Years With SI Swimsuit

It took place back in 1992, when she was posing for her third consecutive brand feature.
Roshumba Williams was photographed by Yu Tsai in Hollywood, Fla.
Roshumba Williams was photographed by Yu Tsai in Hollywood, Fla. / Yu Tsai/Sports Illustrated

Roshumba Williams has an incredible history with SI Swimsuit. The American supermodel’s first photo shoot with the brand took place in 1990 in St. Vincent, and the following four years saw three more features for the now 55-year-old.

Following a 10-year hiatus, she returned to the pages of the magazine in 2004. Since, she has embraced television hosting roles for the likes of HGTV and ABC, establishing herself as an authority in the fashion and beauty space on ABC’s On the Red Carpet.

Twenty years after her last appearance in the SI Swimsuit Issue—and having continued to build an impressive career in the interim—Williams is back again for the 60th anniversary issue this year. As a brand regular, she posed for this year’s legends photo shoot in Hollywood, Fla. Not only did the experience leave her with some beautiful photos and her first SI Swimsuit cover feature, but it gave her the chance to reflect on her time with the brand over the years.

Of the numerous memorable moments from her brand photo shoots in the ’90s and beyond, Williams divulged one of her favorites in a conversation with SI Swimsuit during the Florida launch party.

It took place back in 1992, when Williams was in the Canary Islands in Spain for her third consecutive brand feature. She was riding around in a Jeep with a group of models, each taking turns posing for the camera. “I was the last one and I was kind of half sleeping through the day and cheering the other girls on,” she recalled. “And then we pull up to a camel stable and they say, ‘O.K., [Roshumba], put your suit on, it’s your turn.”

They hadn’t told her she would be shooting with a camel, and, understandably, she was confused. But, like the talented and willing model that she is, she obliged. “I get out of the Jeep and the camel looks at me and I look at the camel, he starts screaming and I start screaming, and everybody’s filming it. I’m freaking out, and I look over at the crew and they’re literally on the floor laughing.”

For Williams, it was a real moment with an honest reaction—and a picture-perfect one, too.

Martha Zaytoun


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