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Ciara Shares What It’s Like Being Married to Russell Wilson

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2022 SI Swimsuit Issue cover model Ciara explains what it’s like to be married to Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson:

“I met my Boo back in 2015. I’ll never forget the day that he and I met...It’s like when you know, you know. What I love is my husband’s heart and how he thinks of us. He’s always thinking of us. He loves serving at heart. That’s just who he is in general. He will go from football practice to taking Future to baseball practice or Sienna to ballet. He doesn’t want to miss a moment. I think it’s so cute how he’s really involved.

“We’re pretty in line, which I think is important. You know, he and I share the same vision for our babies, which I think makes the world of a difference that we’re on the same page. I think it’s important that our kids—you know, they have way more access than we had growing up—so we want to make sure we keep them humble in the process to make sure they do things like having to pick up after themselves and knowing that life isn’t going to be handed to you. So as blessed as they are, and as much as they have, we still try to take ourselves back to when we didn’t have much and still instill those things that made us who we are, that gave us grit.

“As you said, our worlds are both moving really fast. He’s not just doing football. It’s football, and then some. And the same thing for me, it’s music and then some. And then luckily, we also do some things together like we have our Why Not You production company that we run together. We have our Why Not You foundation that we do together.

“We love serving. And I think that’s been a big part of what we love. And what we do is that it gives us a platform that allows us to give back. Education is important to us, [fighting] poverty is important to us. You just want to keep finding ways to give back. And so that’s what I feel like I’m ultimately doing. Everything that I do for is to make an impact. We have our Why Not You Academy, which is a charter school. And we always say to the kids that you decided to be here today. You woke up and decided to because they don’t have to pay for school, but they decide they want to be there and they want to make a difference in their lives. And to know that we’re a part of that is so powerful and so important, and which is another example of what drives us to keep that standard going.”

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