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Ciara on Her Music Career

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SI Swimsuit cover model Ciara explains when she knew her music career was taking off.

“I think my very first moment that I fell in love with music was watching Michael Jackson. It was a video, “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson, and he was obviously grooving in these shiny pants. And then he was jumping from the squares. It was something about his smile that when he smiled, and the first moment I saw it, I was captivated. But I was also like, this is something that I’m really deeply connected to. And that’s where I think it started for me.

“With writing my music, I’ll think back to when I was a little girl before I was really even doing this thing. Being in my room, writing songs was something that I did growing up, and then I got the great chance to go and work with cool groups like my friends and their studio called Red Zone. It was this whole squad that was like making every hit that you can think of for radio.

“Just being in those environments, being exposed to really successful producers and writers helped me to grow really fast in the writing space. And before I knew it, I was a part of writing my first single of my career, "Goodies," when I was like 17 years old. First time that I felt something really special was happening I was at a drive-thru and I heard "Goodies" coming through the radio. And I was like, That’s crazy.

“And my eyes watered, I got emotional, and that was a really big moment for me. That’s what I knew... O.K., mama, we made it.”

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