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Ciara Opens Up About Her Inspiration, Goals and Family

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Ciara already has many things on her resume, singer, philanthropist, business owner, and now she is adding one more: SI Swimsuit cover model.

“I’ve always dreamed of being on this cover ever since I was really young and especially as an entertainer. I remember the first time I saw Tyra Banks on Sports Illustrated, and that was a big deal, especially being a Black woman, and at that time, a Black young girl. She was so powerful; she was a force. We all remember that iconic leopard swimsuit moment. There were just so many things about that issue and time that were really special and historic. It’s always been pretty significant in the entertainment space. It’s a big dream come true for me, and it was a special day when I got the call.”

“I had very humble beginnings, and I’m grateful for those moments. They make you really appreciate it when the blessings continue to pour over in your life. I think that’s the reason why I always like to keep perspective. Just as quick as you can get things, you can lose them. I don’t want that to be the case, so my rule in life is you have to always appreciate your blessings.”

You can view the 2022 photo shoot for Ciara here.