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Ciara on Female Empowerment

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SI Swimsuit cover model Ciara talks about female empowerment and her ‘why not me?’ attitude.

“You know, I think we’re living in this time where things are changing. Where it’s like, we ain’t taking no junk just to be honest as women. And I think it’s been really powerful to see; there’s been a lot of women before me that have crawled so I can walk. And then that next woman walks, and next woman can run.

“I just feel like it’s a new day and we ain’t taking no mess. And I’m excited for us. I’m excited for my daughter because I hope that the crawl and the walk and the run that we’re doing this time is going to allow her to soar. I just think nowadays the platform for us is changing, and there’s more opportunity for us to fully be ourselves and confidently express our ideas and go after them. And know that we really can do what we are capable of and be who we are.

“The moment you tell me no is a moment opportunity begins because I’m going to figure out the way to make that no a yes. And you have to have that kind of attitude because a lot of times if we all listen to the first time someone told us no, we’d never have opportunity. We’d never be where we are today. When you’re pursuing your dream, all it takes is one person to believe and that person is you. So if you believe, then there’s all the chance in the world.

“There’s new challenges that I still take on and I want to take on challenges. And there’s a lot more that I want to accomplish, and I have to have that ‘I believe in me, why not you’ attitude. I have to have that in all that I do. And so I just want to encourage my fans to know that [they shouldn’t] stop believing and stop dreaming.

“Dreams really do come true. I’m sitting here talking to you, and no lie, this is probably 15 years later from the moment that I dreamed of being on this cover and it’s happened! So know that your dreams can come true. And they’ll happen at the perfect timing for you.”

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