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Kim Kardashian Dishes on Her SI Swimsuit Photo Shoot, Her Childhood and Her Kids

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Kim Kardashian makes her SI Swimsuit debut on the 2022 cover in the Dominican Republic, photographed by Greg Swales.

“Every girl has been obsessed with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covers. They’re iconic. Every time I would see magazines like this especially in the 90’s when I was growing up it’s always these perfect, tall, thin women and I just have never been that.

“I vividly remember Tyra Banks on the cover and women with curves. I remember thinking that is so cool. But, I still didn’t think I would have ... I thought you had to be a professional model and a runway model. And it was always really young girls. I don’t want to date myself or sound old but in my 40s? That’s crazy! I never thought in a million years I would be shooting one myself.”

You can view the 2022 photo shoot for Kim Kardashian here.


“It was hectic all the time with six kids in the house. But a fun chaos. I had the best childhood ever so it’s really fun to see now that that’s the daily routine in my house with all the hecticness and getting everyone ready for school and getting everyone in the car; it’s a really crazy hectic life that I somewhat feel very calm in.

“Me and all my family we pretty much all live in the same gated community. I remember one time I was having a hard time when you just don't know, does your baby have a fever or is it a rash? I called Khloe and it’s 10 p.m. at night and she said, ‘I’ll be there.’ Three minutes later she walks in the door. Those nights when you’re up late and your babies are sick and you don’t know what to do and you have that family support—that’s the best thing ever. But, then it’s also so fun that all my sisters have kids the same ages so we all are going through it at the same time. Family’s just the best.

“I would say mine and Khloe's favorite memories are just our shenanigans, being silly and gossiping and having our private fun moments. My favorite memories with Kourtney are memories with our kids. Kylie, she’s the best advice giver so I’d say our talks. Kendall and I have really fun traveling times. My mom, I’d say every party is like a memory that my mom has instilled in us of how to make that happen. And I would say pure laughter and jokes or singing songs with my brother.”


“I feel like I’ve always been the underdog. When we grew up in Beverly Hills and then we moved to the Valley, it was like ‘Oh my god, they moved to the Valley, what happened to them?’ Or being on a reality show and that’s so not respected. That’s just how we’ve always been so I think always starting off as the underdog and overdelivering is something that I’ve always been determined to do. My dad made me sign a contract at a young age when I got my car so if I crashed it or hit it or anything I’d have to get a job to pay for it. So I tapped my car and had to pay for it. And so I got a job at a clothing store and he said to me, ‘If you’re going to do it, you have to do the best job at it. Even if it’s not your dream job, you just have to do your best.’ So that always stuck with me that if I’m going to work somewhere have fun and be my best at it and do it. Don’t bulls---.”


“Unless you’re a parent, you really don’t get how challenging it is. There are nights where you just are like ‘I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to adult anymore. This is really hard—every kid is crying and no one will go to bed.’ The most stressful time as a parent is when I do a photo shoot with the kids. Every time after I attempt to do a Christmas card, I’m just like, ‘I’m never doing this again.’ I’ll individually do a shot with each kid and have to photoshop it together. I say that every year and then every year I attempt it. I’m like, ‘Nope, they’re a year older so we got this! We’re not going to fight! We’re going to get through it. No one’s going to cry today.’ And then it’s a nightmare and I’m like, ‘I’m never doing that again.’


“I’ve always said my goal in life is I just want to raise kind human beings. And I know with the world we live in that gets tested a lot and there’s sometimes where I’m just like, ‘I don’t want to take the high road anymore’ but, as hard as it is, I just would always want to lead by example. That’s always my goal, with my kids I just want them to be kind people. 

“When you get to a certain age and you’ve been through a certain amount of experience, life just isn’t about you anymore. My life was very much about me. That’s how I lived my life. And then you get to a certain place you’re just like, ‘O.K., what can I do for other people?’ I’m good. I’ve gotten done what I wanted to get done and now it’s like, ‘How can I serve and what can I do?’ and that is what fulfills me.”


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