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Maye Musk Shares Feelings About Her Son Elon's Career

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2022 Cover Model, Maye Musk jokes about how her son Elon didn’t listen to her business advice after selling PayPal.

"My parents were working all the time, they expected us to be independent. My children started working for me. My daughter was answering my phone when the doctors would send their patients to me. And then, of course, Kimbal had to start cooking early because he liked to eat very well. And Elon started me with computers. He just kept me ahead of the game all the time. I think I was the first dietitian with a website, first dietitian with a laptop...I would go on a modeling job and then I would be writing articles on nutrition.

Well, I'm most proud of my three kids. Of course, I'm very excited for everything they do. As you know, Elon has gone beyond what I could ever wish for him. Elon after he sold his PayPal, he said, what should I do? Should I do electric cars or solar energy or space? And I said, well, just choose one. And he didn't listen to me. So there you go."

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