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Maye Musk’s Nightly Skincare Routine

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Go behind the scenes as Maye Musk gives us a special glimpse into her nightly skin-care routine.

“I'm in Paris and I'm leaving soon for Belize and I'm so excited to be in the Swimsuit Issue. Lucky me! I'm getting ready for Belize. I'm only 73, but I'll be 74 by the time this comes out. Hey, I'm a rookie and I'm going to do my best. My nightly beauty routine is quite simple, but it's good products and it makes my skin feel so soft and supple.”

“I need to dry off my face. I put on this lip balm, some pine creams. I do that. This is my eye cream to make my skin feel wonderful. I use this night product. Uh, it feels so good. And then you can sleep well.”

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