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Rapid-Fire Questions With 2022 SI Swim Cover Model Ciara

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Singer, philanthropist and business mogul, Ciara answers rapid-fire questions during her trip with the SI Swimsuit team in Barbados.

SI: Skydiving or bungee jumping?

C: Skydiving.

SI: Oceans or mountains?

C: Mountains.

SI: Favorite song of your own?

C: “1, 2 Step” or “Level Up.” I can’t pick just one!

SI: Cats or dogs?

C: Dogs.

SI: Morning, noon or night?

C: Noon.

SI: Something you are most proud of?

C: My babies.

SI: Your ideal date night?

C: Me and my boo in Tuscany.

SI: Biggest guilty pleasure?

C: Good Southern food.

SI: What is your favorite smell?

C: My boo.

SI: Rank the seasons.

C: Summer, spring, winter, fall.

SI: What’s a goal that you have?

C: Take 2022 a level up and for everything I am doing to keep flourishing. 

You can view Ciara's 2022 SI photo shoot here.