SI Swimsuit Legend Megan Rapinoe on How Her Skin Is Changing With Age

The retired professional soccer player is really leaning into skincare as an act of self-care.
Megan Rapinoe was photographed by Yu Tsai in Hollywood, Fla.
Megan Rapinoe was photographed by Yu Tsai in Hollywood, Fla. / Yu Tsau/Sports Illustrated

SI Swimsuit model Megan Rapinoe dished all things skincare while on location of the 60th anniversary legends photo shoot in Hollywood, Fla., with Yu Tsai earlier this year. The retired professional soccer player, who turns 39 next month, shared that she’s embracing aging. She’s also learning that she has dry skin that doesn’t do too well under the sun—which might seem like an issue for someone who loves adventuring and spent decades playing soccer outdoors.

But, it’s not a problem for the two-time Women’s World Cup champion, as Rapinoe is enjoying learning more about how to take care of her sensitive skin and the “me time” that comes with having a beauty routine.

“When I turned 30, my sister told me my face was dusty, and she was not wrong. I have very fair skin. I don’t really handle the sun very well. I get really dry and I travel all the time,” the Northern California native said. “[I prioritize] sunscreen and definitely keeping hydrated.”

The former OL Reign winger, who played for the NWSL team from 2013 till she retired last year, also admitted that she’s open to trying new skincare, as she is very easily influenced. “You could sell me literally anything,” she joked.

“[Skincare] has become, I guess like a self-care thing or just something that I really enjoy doing. When I’m by myself, sometimes I look in the mirror and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, you’re getting older,’ but then I look at myself and I’m [more positive] like, ‘Yeah, I’m getting older, every day, every year,’” Rapinoe said. “I feel like [skincare] has become a way to almost interact with that aging in a more healthy way. I don’t mind aging but I want to have fresh, nice skin.”

Today, the production company cofounder is focused on growing A Touch More alongside her partner Sue Bird, who is also an SI Swimsuit legend. The two have built their brand centered around revolutionaries, specifically women, who move culture forward. Rapinoe is extremely excited to watch what’s happening right now within women’s sports, and she’s even more eager to see where it’s headed over the next decade.

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Ananya Panchal