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Ashley Graham Just Introduced Us to a New Kind of Cleavage

Ashley Graham gets playful on her Instagram story, showing off a whole new kind of cleavage. 

Milan Fashion Week just got a whole lot hotter thanks to Ashley Graham's steamy Instagram story. 

Visiting the Italian city for one of the most important weeks on the fashion calendar, the longtime advocate for body positivity showed once again just how comfortable she is in her own skin. Getting playful to create a Boomerang for her fans on Instagram, the former SI Swimsuit cover model strutted her stuff in a pair of pants that wasn't exactly zipped all the way up the back.


Enter our new favorite term: Booty cleavage.

Leave it to Ashley, our favorite curvalicious babe, to make our jaws hit the floor on what would've normally been just your average Wednesday. We already knew the lingerie designer was a pro at making sure her girls always look great, but who knew she was so in tune with her backside, too? Love, love, LOVE her. 

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