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Ashley Graham has a knack for empowering women and looking super SEXY at the same time

It's official—no one else has quite the same talent as Ashley Graham at both encouraging other women to love the bodies they were born with, while simultaneously looking sexier than ever. 

For the first time since her cover moment for SI Swimsuit 2016, our favorite new bombshell is back in a bikini—and sporting a new hashtag, too! The proud body activist took to social media this week to promote the new #MySwimBody campaign for swimsuitsforall, which encourages women to embrace their bodies and share photos of their chic swimwear this summer. 


“The #MySwimBody idea means, to me, that anybody has a swim body no matter what age you are, race you are, gender, or size—you can have a swim body,” Graham told

“It’s important to embrace every type of person,” she continued. “There has only been one standard of beauty for so long within the fashion industry. There has always been a small lane that we as curvy women have had. Now fashion is finally caught up. Now, it’s getting wider and wider because a lot more women are asking for it.”

What's more? Ashley even revealed her secret to feeling like a total beach babe in a swimsuit: "The secret to feeling sexy in a swimsuit is put a swimsuit on and tell yourself 'I'm sexy.'" It's that simple! 

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