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Chrissy Teigen has a brilliant bagel order

This story was written by Margaret Eby and originally appeared on Extra Crispy

It's not news that ChrissyTeigen knows her stuff when it comes to food. Her cookbook Cravingsis genuinely delightful, and her Twitter account is often an oasis in a sea of smarm. Chrissy has lately been making the rounds to promote a new partnership with Smirnoff, and so she weighed in on some of her favorite and least favorite food things in an interview with Refinery 29. (Like Meredith Turits, Chrissy is not down with the unicorn trend: "I’m tired of adults liking unicorns, I’m tired of adults liking vampires, I’m tired of adults liking zombies. It’s just, it’s getting to be too much for me. It’s like we’re so sad in this world today that we like need to see glitter and sparkles as adults.")

But the food advice that most caught my eye was the way that Chrissy prefers to eat her bagels. "I love everything bagels and pepperoncinis together," Chrissy said. "And butter. Everything bagel toasted with butter, sprinkled with pepperoncinis. I love that. When I was pregnant, I really loved whole milk and rare steak. That was like my jam."

Whole milk and steak sounds like something from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia but pepperoncinis on everything bagels? That is a pretty advanced move, and it sounds delicious. Recently, the Extra Crispy office did a Tabasco tasting, and we learned that the best way to taste a hot sauce is on a cracker with butter—the fat neutralizes the heat, and allows the taste to come through. Pepperoncinis aren't that hot, but it seems like it would operate on the same flavor principle. Definitely a thing to try the next time you pick up a bagel. 

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