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Throwback Thursday: Elle Macpherson


Elle Macpherson is a swimsuit legend. The Australian model first appeared in the magazine in 1985 and made nine total appearances in the Swimsuit Issue, including a record five covers. Yet as we learn at the 4:45 mark of the video above, which was taken during a 1992 shoot in Australia, Macpherson once possessed a curious outlook on her appearance:

"I'm on the borderline of being ugly and being ok. People that are like that have a lot of range. You'll see. The people that you're not quite sure about are the ones that have the most versatility, rather than the ones that are obviously the most beautiful." 

Come for the quaint delusions; stay for the striking bathing suits and fascinating behind-the-scenes look at a Swimsuit shoot. You won't be disappointed.

GALLERY:Elle Macpherson’s SI Swimsuit Collection

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