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What Emily Ratajkowski Wants Women in Fashion to Know

Emily Ratajkowski shares her thoughts and advice for aspiring models to be. 

We're well aware that Emily Ratajkowski isn't shy of making statements or giving out advice, and that's one of the reasons why we adore her!

After walking in Milan Fashion week, Emily shared with Teen Vogue her concerns with models being underweight and underage.“To be honest, coming off of fashion week, there are still girls who are definitely under BMI laws and definitely under 18,” Emily said. “So I think there are a lot of conversations that are happening. But do I think that the fashion world is actually adjusting? Not at all. I really hope that that starts to happen because like I said to you earlier, I think fashion can be an amazingly empowering tool that women can use. I don’t see that at shows.”  

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model went on to say that she does see a significant change in the industry, but there could be better strides.

When asked what advice would she give to her younger self, she said, "Give yourself a break. The world’s response to you is not because something is wrong with you. It’s because something is wrong with the world. Especially for young women, we have so much pressure on ourselves, and I think at 18 or 16 or even 22 or 32, it’s really natural to sort of go, ‘whats wrong with me for people to be treating me this way?’ and the truth is, unfortunately, we live in a sexist culture that likes to put the responsibility on women, and it’s really unfortunate.

"But the more that we realize that — we don’t feel scared of putting ourselves out there, and instead of going to guilt or shame, we start feeling trustworthy of ourselves — the less that will happen for future generations." 

At the end of the day, Emily advocates for models to be healthy and have a successful and safe career!

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