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MUST SEE: Genevieve Morton wins our unofficial 'wet t-shirt competition'

Last year, when we sent a seasoned SI Swimsuit vet and two anxious rookies to St. John with our wild photographer, Yu Tsai, we knew the results were bound to be spectacular. 

What we perhaps didn't expect were all of the priceless, candid moments that would happen as Genevieve Morton, Erin Heatherton, and Rose Bertram took to the beaches to create their unforgettable 2015 spreads. Rocking everything from barely-there bikinis to body paint, our girls brought both their flawless figures and their best jokes out each day to shoot. 

So it should come as no surprise that when we tasked Genevieve with wearing a cut-off white t-shirt in the ocean, it took all of three seconds for her to realize she was about to be a part of the sexiest wet t-shirt competition of all herself! Skip ahead to 1:39 to hear Genevieve talk about the first-ever, unofficial SI Swimsuit wet t-shirt competition: 

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But, that's not all! We encourage you to continue watching to hear Yu Tsai talk about shooting Erin topless, to see Genevieve explain the importance of side boob, and, of course, to show some respect as the ladies of SI Swimsuit nail one of the sexiest Swimsuit shoots of all time.  

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